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BQSystems takes the hassle out of trying to keep up with all the B-BBEE changes, when you are tasked with providing guidance to your clients who qualify as Exempt Micro Enterprises(EME) or Black Owned Qualifying Small Enterprises.

It is an online management system that provides you with end-to-end solution, prompting you for all requirements, related to qualification as an EME or black owned QSE. 

The platform enables you as an advisor to properly advise your client whether they qualify for an affidavit, the BEE status level, the black ownership of the entity, the net value calculation and much more. The client is then able to properly complete the Dti sworn affidavit template or alternatively make use of the system's generated affidavit.

Please note that you are not allowed by the DTI to charge for the affidavit, but you may charge for BEE consulting advice.

Our dedicated support team pride themselves on services excellence. They will make sure that you experience the best before and after sales support. Ask our clients…

The BQSystems EME platform was developed by BEE Professionals. Be assured of our expertise!