Step 1: How To Register A Client

Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting important steps in the BQSystems On-line System to make it easier for Accounting Officers, and other users, to issue EME B-BBEE Compliant Certificates. This week we look at Step 1:

How to register a client so that you may issue BEE Certificates

The email field is the username that the clients will use to log on to view the progress of their BEE application. The name and surname needs to be completed, because this information will be displayed when the users log on.

Register New BEE Client

Click on the first icon next to your logo to register your client. You will have the option of registering your client in one of two ways – these modes are explained in detail on your system to help you choose the best one for your business.

  1. Standard Mode
  2. Bypass mode

Correspondence to your client

There are two options available when doing verification:

  1. Client has Email
  2. Client has no access to Internet or Email


After you have made you selections on the above, you will have to register your client and complete an application form on their behalf.

If you wish to opt into the Revised BEE Codes – Please tick the box under the green explanation block.

BEE Revised Codes

Complete the business details as requested to complete the first section of Registering a new client.


Next time we will look at how to enter the black ownership for your client and continue with the registration process. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the steps above or our system.